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All Worlds Maintenance (Oct. 21)

InnoDreaden, Oct 19, 10 9:02 PM.
At the following time period, we will be performing maintenance on all Worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

[Date & Time]
Oct. 21, 2010 from 00:00 to 02:00 (PDT)
* Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Service]

30 More Days Free

Aannaeyalia, Oct 15, 10 1:46 PM.
Free Trial Extension Details

All users who registered a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account and purchased a character by October 25, 2010 will be eligible.

*Character purchases must have been carried out no later than October 25, 2010 at 23:59(PDT).
*Accounts terminated due to User Agreement infractions are ineligible for extension.
*Holders of multiple service accounts may receive extensions on all accounts.

Extension Period
An additional thirty (30) days, for a combined free trial period of sixty (60) days.

*Free trial period end dates and initial billing dates will be automatically extended. Users are not required to take any action.
*Extensions will be for a period of thirty days regardless of billing cycle length. Regular billing will begin upon conclusion of the extended free trial.
*Should automatic renewal of options be disabled, the free trial will still be extended.
*Users notified by automated mail of either the end of their free trial period or the beginning of their billing period will still receive the extension.
*Extensions will be processed by the Square Enix Account Management System on or around October 19, 2010. An official announcement will be made at that time.
*Information regarding new billing period dates will be available via the Square Enix Account Management System.

Version Update 8/10

InnoDreaden, Oct 8, 10 9:01 AM.
A version update of FINAL FANTASY XIV was performed at the following time.

* The software client will begin updating automatically the next time you run FINAL FANTASY XIV.

[Date & Time]
Oct. 8, 2010 at 2:30 (PDT)

[Affected Service]

[Important Update Details]
- Made an adjustment to how experience points are distributed amongst party members. Instead of dividing a total number of experience points by the number of players who participated in the battle, it now distributes the total amount of experience points equally amongst all players in the party.

- The chat log will no longer close while entering text during the following processes:
- When viewing a bazaar
- When setting up a bazaar
- During gathering
- During synthesis

- An issue wherein a player would be unable to progress with the quest "Futures Perfect," if they join a party during the cutscene has been addressed.

- An issue wherein a player would be unable to start a levequest if they initiate a teleport at the same time has been addressed.

- Implemented a countermeasure for an issue which prevented players from gaining skill points during battle.

- An issue wherein the FINAL FANTASY XIV client would shut down when a player adds or removes a new party member has been addressed.

- An issue wherein players would take damage when executing a macro command for an area of effect action that is centered on themselves has been addressed.

- An issue wherein messages in tell, party, or linkshell chat would not go through properly has been addressed.

- Implemented a countermeasure for an issue where an item would not display properly under a certain condition.

- A rare issue wherein an item data would get corrupted during a server outage has been addressed.
* We have confirmed that if a player attempts to put this corrupted item into their bazaar, it would cause the server to go down. We are currently in the process of addressing this issue, but until then, we have placed a temporarily restriction on these corrupted items which were being sold by certain players. We will be providing an update on this situation once we have a better idea on when the the actual fix will take place. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

- An issue wherein the login queue would not work as intended during server congestion has been addressed.

- Implemented a countermeasure to prevent server outages under a certain condition.

- Other miscellaneous issues have been addressed.
* The previously announced improvements to the market system are currently in the final preparation stages and will be ready by the version update next week. Please keep an eye out for future announcements regarding this matter.

All Worlds Maintenance (Oct. 7)

InnoDreaden, Oct 7, 10 3:39 PM.
At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XIV maintenance on all Worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

[Date & Time]
From Oct. 7, 2010 23:00 to Oct. 8, 2010 3:00 (PDT)
* Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

Regarding a Synthesis Issue (Sep. 29)

Aannaeyalia, Sep 30, 10 11:34 AM.
As of the Sep. 29, 2010 version update, we have confirmed an issue where synthesis attempts are more likely to fail due to the basic commands not working as intended. 

Investigation and recovery work is currently underway. 

We ask for your patience in this matter until this issue is resolved.

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